Poetry is such a diverse artform that I can't really give specifics as to what we're looking for, exactly. When reviewing poetry submissions and prose work, it's important for a reader to keep an open mind; I could go into all of the various types and classifications of poetry, but in my opinion, that takes away from the beauty and magic of the work itself.

So, let's just say that there should be a minimum of about 60 poems in a collection of poetry. If you're a poet as well as an artist, there's a good chance that color plays a vital role in your work - this means the final product will have to cost more, but the beauty of it should make readers feel that it was well worth it to spend the money they did.

Poetry flows, moves you, and expresses what many people may not be able to express in a fluid and passionate way. Poetry is a moment caught in time and immortalized or an experience retold with intrigue and fascination. Poetry is a lot of things.

Like music, everyone is different in their tastes for poetry. Though poetry readership is often not very widespread, there is definitely a market for it if the work is good.

We're looking for work that moves us in a number of different ways.

That being said, here are the technicalities of our submissions requirements:

  • Please submit your work the way you want it to appear in print (line spacing, formatting, etc.). If you particularly enjoy a specific font for your work, include it as a suggestion.
  • Please submit a minimum of 60 poems for a collection.
  • If artwork is to be included, submit it in a separate file or email it to us upon acceptance; image resolution MUST be at 300dpi or higher to be printed. To make the process of adding the art easier, make notes within your manuscript as placeholders for your art.

We adore poetry of many styles and nuances; rhyming or freeform, prose, and on topics of a great range. We look forward to reading your work!

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