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For this upcoming Soul Vomit Anthology, the main topic is domestic violence reversed. This year, we want to focus on female abusers targeting men and emotional abuse, manipulation, guilt and fear tactics, mind-games, and the effects that can have on victims. We are also open to stories, poetry, essays, and art about how abuse can affect a wide range of people beyond the abuse victim. Other examples of "unexpected" abuse are also allowed - friendship abuse/manipulation, extended family, and so on - as long as it isn't the typical white trash drunk guy in a trailer park cliche.

Please note that we'll still consider & accept stories that aren't 100% on topic! Raising awareness is the top priority!

What we're looking for:

Poetry, short stories, prose pieces, and essays about domestic violence (emotional abuse, manipulation, etc.). Those who have been through emotional abuse with someone who utilizes mind-games and fear tactics to manipulate and coerce know that this kind of abuse is extremely damaging to the victim's mental health, sometimes for the rest of his or her life.

The purpose in publishing this edition of the anthology is to raise awareness in the general population about the effects of emotional abuse and that women can be abusive, too. Gender, age, race, nationality, weight... none of these are factors. Abuse is purely psychological; an abuser doesn't choose victims based on anything but how powerful they can become after beating this person down into blind compliance.

Short story submissions should be no longer than 5,000 words.

Essays should be kept at 3,000 words or less.

Prose and poetry should be 4 pages or less.

Art and photography must be at 300dpi/ppi resolution or higher in order to be printed. Please note that at this time we are sticking to black and white interior printing for the sake of keeping book prices reasonable, so make sure it looks good in black and white!

YOU RETAIN THE COPYRIGHT OF YOUR WORK. By submitting your work to this anthology, you're giving Broken Publications permission to publish your work in paperback and Kindle formats.

You retain all copyrights to your work, but it will be included in an anthology with one-time usage rights. My recommendation is that you submit your individual pieces as one file in a .zip folder to take full advantage and avoid having to pay the fee more than once.

We look forward to reading your work!

IF YOU NEED TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS, please state this in your submission letter. This helps to keep everything organized and in one place. If for some reason you're in danger and can't read your emails, it is advisable to submit through a public computer or have someone else do it for you.

IF YOU WANT YOUR BIO AND/OR PHOTO TO BE INCLUDED, please include it in your submission. Author bios can include links, previously published works, publication credits, etc. Author bios should be submitted in third person. If enough author photos are received, they will be included; if only one or two are received, photos may be omitted by the editor.