$5.00 USD
Beneath the Veil of Night is an anthology about dreams - literally. But not just dreams as they are... no. This anthology gathers art, poetry, short stories, and essays inspired by the dreams of the author. If your subconscious is overactively creative, this is the place for you!

Have an idea for an anthology theme? Say so in your submission and we will take the theme into consideration for one of our books!

This is a brand new project, so there aren't a whole lot of rules at this point. You may submit multiple pieces under one fee and there is no word count limit right now. Go crazy!

The only rule: works for this volume must be about or involve flying. Genre can be anything. Whether you dream about airplanes, sprouting wings, or just being able to float, this is the place for your creative works about flying!

Deadline: None. Indefinite until I have enough submissions to publish a book.
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